UKSA (UK Shareholders' Association) is the oldest shareholder campaigning organisation in the UK. We are a not for profit company that represents and supports shareholders who invest in the UK stock market.

By lobbying Government, the Financial Reporting Council, the Financial Conduct Authority and other bodies we strive to continually improve recognition and treatment for private investors.



The Carillion collapse was entirely predictable to experienced private investors. As were the reasons for it. Perhaps that’s why special interests have ensured that we are excluded from consultations and denied voting rights?


An article by John Kay for the Financial Times reveals a nonsense in the Key Issue Document (KID) that is now mandatory for all funds. It raises a question mark over the competence of all those involved in its design and approval.


UKSA has signed a letter to the Financial Times exposing once again the hole at the heart of modern accounting: the loss of the prudence principle.


The latest edition of the Transparency Times carries a story on Northern Rock and Dennis Grainger, Chairman of the Shareholders' Action Group.


UKSA identified the Persimmon LTIP as outrageous when it was first approved in 2012. This is more than a single-company story. It also shows what groups of individual shareholders could contribute to corporate governance were they not emasculated by the erosion of their rights in favour of conflicted institutional and corporate interests. Join UKSA to support the campaign against egregious LTIPs.


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