UKSA signs paper expressing concerns and reservations about the funding and staffing of the FRC

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UKSA is keen to build a good relationship with the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) and contribute fully to the work that it does. We believe that this is best done by developing a relationship which is based on objectivity and constructive feedback - in both directions. Sometimes that feedback is critical.

UKSA was a signatory to a recent position paper drafted by Natasha Landell-Mills at Sarasin and Partners. The paper can be read by clicking here
expresses the concerns and reservations that we have about the funding and staffing of the FRC and the scope that this creates for 'regulatory capture'. To complete the picture the following link will take members to the FRC's website where they can read the transcript of a speech made by Stephen Haddrill (CEO of the FRC) on 25th October. One would like to think that the tone and some of the contents of this speech reflect the way in which UKSA and other investors are seeking to hold the FRC to account.