UKSA (UK Shareholders' Association) is the oldest shareholder campaigning organisation in the UK. We are a not for profit company that represents and supports shareholders who invest in the UK stock market.

By lobbying Government, the Financial Reporting Council, the Financial Conduct Authority and other bodies we strive to continually improve recognition and treatment for private investors.



Harry Braund, Chairman of UKSA London & South East, took part in an interview with Share Radio's Ed Bowsher.
You can hear the interview by clicking here .


A paper by David Pitt-Watson and sponsored by Pension Insurance Corporation,‘The Purpose of Finance’, shines a spotlight on an industry where ‘……many of its activities fail to achieve the purpose that they could and should be pursuing.’


This company was born out of Helphire which hit hard times following the financial crash. It seems to be making good progress now but what business is it really in? Is it a provider of outsourced services to the insurance industry or is it a good old-fashioned car-fleet management business?


The Study's interim conclusions support many of the findings of a report submitted by UKSA to the regulator (then the FSA) five years ago. UKSA's response to the study, together with its report of 2012, can be found here .


This is a fast-growing provider of generic pharmaceutical products. From an investor’s standpoint, however, one would like to hear how the rapid increase in revenues can be turned into increased profitability by increasing Gross Margins – which is likely to mean changing the product mix, putting pressure on suppliers, increasing prices, or a mixture of all of these.


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